Friday, June 18, 2010

Well I am now officially done with my American History class. :D I took the final this morning, spent all day yesterday typing the last paper for that class and writing my discussion post. On Wednesday my two teaching classes officially start, however I have already begun doing the homework. I was hoping to be able to buy my text books today, but that didn't happen.. oh well! The book store is now closed on Fridays because of it being summer. :/ I wish i had known that I would have went an bought my books yesterday, now I have to wait till Monday to get them. :( I can't finish some of the homework that's due a week from Monday because of not having the text books. So much for trying to get ahead. I already despise my technology education class. Too much work for my liking in a 6 week period lol! but, I have to have it for my degree.
I cant wait till Aug 5th when I have 2 weeks off from school (the closest I get to summer break).

On the 29th I have my Spanish final, so that class will be over. I have so much to do for my other two classes so its a good thing, although I will miss my Spanish class.

Tomorrow I am baby sitting from 9am- Sunday. Its going to be a long day!! Also, Tomorrow is Arielle's B-day party.

Anyway, I am on skype with Mikel, so I am going to stop writing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Ok so, I just took my Spanish test... I think it went ok.... I have a paper due tomorrow, and my final on Friday... I start my other two classes on wed... AAAHHH!
ok I think im done yelling/screaming lol! I have WAY too much to do so this is short.
I am working tomorrow, Fri, and sat... Arielle's b-day party is sat! cant wait!! She turned 4 on the 9th.. She is getting to big...
lol! Hopefully ill find time to write this weekend.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You (Official Video)

I miss them already!

So, i have been busy, its now Saturday. lol! I am working on my last paper for my history class. I got a 89% on the last one i did so this one i need like a 94% on just so that I don't have to be so worried about the final.. lol!

Carrie's grad was awesome!!! So many people came! I had a lot of fun at it. Carrie instead of wearing a normal cap wore one from Disney with mouse ears lol! She skipped down the asile instead of walking down it.. It was so totally Carrie!!! lol!

My sisters both left early this morning. Carrie, I wont see again until sometime in December, Jess however comes back in 3 weeks. I am going to miss the both a whole lot!!! I woke up this morning and was like wow! the house is empty. :( Carrie I will only see a couple more times before I move to AZ. That's really weird and kinda scary for me... I mean she has been up in TN a whole lot, but she wasn't moving permanently until she left this morning.

It kind of stinks that I wont be here to see my little brothers grow up. Andrew is turns 10 in 10 days, Josh turns 12 on Aug 26th. Josh is going to become a teenager before I will get to see him again; once I live in AZ. and my short little baby Andrew will probably get taller, maybe even taller than me... I am going to miss them lots!!!

Jess turns 16 in April of next year. She is growing up so fast, next thing I know, it will be her planning a wedding and all that. I am going to miss being here and laying next to her on the bed as she tells me all about whomever, and all about whatever happened that day. We will just have to talk on the phone a lot I guess..... but that is still not the same.

I wont get to be here anymore and spend time with my parents. My mommy will be too far away to come and see her... My daddy as well. It takes 9hrs by plane to get here from AZ (at least that's what I understood from Mikel). I miss them all already.. :(

I am going to be far away from all of my friends as well, I wont get to be here when some of them graduate or be here when they finally find that guy. I wont get to be here for Arielle's first day of kindergarten. :( I am going to miss everything because I will be so far away. Everyone that has become so dear to me will be far far away! I just hope they write me via, facebook, email, snail mail or call me, whatever so at least I kinda know whats going on.

I miss everyone already, and I have not even left, nor will I for 356days.. oh well..

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


So I put these pictures up on my facebook and some people thought I got married(this is Carries 18th B-day party). I found this funny, but I wish I had really got married! But oh well, I still have to wait till June 3rd of next year. :(

So my test yesterday was kinda hard! I am worried about my grade.. :/ Maybe I did better than I think, but I don't know..

Today, I have my presentation for my Spanish class. I am doing it on Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence day, it celebrates the miracle of a battle won by the Mexicans. They were fighting with the french and had very little men, and few weapons, yet somehow they were able to beat them. This is what Cinco de Mayo is all about the victory at el pueblo.

Anyway, so once again I am sitting at McDonalds waiting on it to be time to go to class. lol!! I am bored!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

lots of stuff to do.

I got my second ear piercing last night :D

So since Wednesday, I have been doing a lot! Thursday morning I took my AMH midterm, then babysat till like 3. I came home and had to work on things like cleaning the house (because Grammy and Poppop get here on Wednesday), and working on homework. We went to Evan's HS graduation. I am very proud of him for finishing!! We drove home that night and didn't get home till after 2am. I finished my AMH paper on yesterday morning, finished all my online AMH homework on thr, finished my online SPN homework yesterday, and wrote my paper for Spanish yesterday. I still have to write my presentation for tomorrow.. I decided to do it on Cinco de Mayo. I have my 2nd SPN test today.... I am really not ready for it.. I am so tired!! Jessica has to be at dance camp at 9am every morning this week, and I have to take her because its here in Brandon where im going to school for the summer. I now have to leave my house by 8am, when i used to not leave till 10:30am. nevertheless, I am awake way earlier than normal. Next week I have my final for AMH. I am hoping I did really good on the midterm.... but who knows we shall see.......

So Saturday morning I went to the post office to pick up my anniversary present from Mikel. our anniversary is the 14th. Guess what I got??????? A new laptop. :D my old one has been having problems and driving me crazy!!! So now I get to use this one, which is brand new!!
Mikel is the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him so very very very much!!!!!!

Anyway, now I am going to study a little bit for my SPN test that is in 2hrs.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Crazy Wed

So today I went to school... which of course was loads of fun.. lol! I have been exhausted all day! I slept all the way through the night last night for the first time in a while. On my way home from school I had to have my dad fix the blinker on the left side of my car. He was able to fix it. But the whole thing was aggravating because we had just replaced the entire thing less than a month ago so it shouldn't already be having problems. Oh well. So, on my way home from my dad's work my car overheated and so I ended up sitting on the side of the road for a little over an hour having not ate anything yet.. (it was after 3pm). So nevertheless i got a little over heated and came home feeling horrible.... I am feeling a lil better now that I took a shower and have a fan blowing on me... I was originally planning on going to youth group but, I'm kinda stressed and don't feel good and in the words of my mother "it would be better for them if you don't go." So, I am not there lol! oh well... the youth group will have to practice the drama for Sunday without me. Right now I am thinking of laying down for a 30min nap before I "hit the books" again. I am taking my midterm in my history class tomorrow, have 2 paper due and a test on Monday, a presentation on Tuesday and this Thursday is Evan's graduation up in Middleburg. Grammy and Poppop get here on Wednesday and are here till Saturday... Carries grad is on next Thursday..
So I have a CRAZY week coming up.. If you think of me pray for me lol!!


My Tiara
Arielle, Me, Ava
Arielle, Me, Ava

pictures from Carrie's party yesterday... Ill write something later on

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy B-day Carrie!

So, today was Carrie's 18th birthday party. She had a princess tea party, which we all found kinda funny because Carrie has always acted like a tomboy... lol! Carrie had 3 kids there and the rest were teenagers or adults. It was a lot of fun, but I am exhausted! Arielle and Ava were fighting over me all night, they are both 4(well Arielle turns 4 in a few days). During the night I was holding both of them and dancing and the back of my dress where the zipper is ripped so ohwell, so much for keeping that dress(at least it only cost $8)...
Class again in the morning... Poor Mikel he called me tonight during the party wanting to talk and of course, I was kinda busy. Now hes out doing whatever and not available to talk and i'm about to fall asleep.... such is life for the next two weeks... I'm going crazy running on very little sleep trying to help everyone out and somehow still get my own homework done.
I keep on thinking about my wedding today with all of the party stuff going on.. oh guess what? I got to see my tiara today, and I took it home with me. I am borrowing it from some very good friends of mine... Its so beautiful Ill add a pic to this post if i can.
Well anyway, I'm falling asleep while typing, so i guess I'll go to bed... Night all!