Friday, July 29, 2011


Today, I have been working on my blog deciding on how I want it to look.... for now... It is going to be like it is now. I think I like it..... IDK I might change it again tomorrow. I am tired of working on it for now.... lol!


Hmmm....... What am i thinking about? Classes starting.... I am taking 15credit hrs this semester... Plus I have to be in the elementary school for 100hrs. So this semester I am going to be a little busy... I am so excited that I only have three semesters left including this one... I should graduate Dec 2012 with my Exceptional Student Education/READING/ESOL, B.A. I cannot wait!!! Then I will be certified to teach :D I take my certification exams in January. :D I hope I pass them all the first time... otherwise I have to go back to FL and spend more... It cost $750 to take the tests... :/ That's a lot of money just for the tests. I ordered the books to study for them this whole semester while taking my classes... Hopefully i study and understand everything and do a good Job... :/
Anyway... I am going to clean the apartment...