Saturday, June 12, 2010

I miss them already!

So, i have been busy, its now Saturday. lol! I am working on my last paper for my history class. I got a 89% on the last one i did so this one i need like a 94% on just so that I don't have to be so worried about the final.. lol!

Carrie's grad was awesome!!! So many people came! I had a lot of fun at it. Carrie instead of wearing a normal cap wore one from Disney with mouse ears lol! She skipped down the asile instead of walking down it.. It was so totally Carrie!!! lol!

My sisters both left early this morning. Carrie, I wont see again until sometime in December, Jess however comes back in 3 weeks. I am going to miss the both a whole lot!!! I woke up this morning and was like wow! the house is empty. :( Carrie I will only see a couple more times before I move to AZ. That's really weird and kinda scary for me... I mean she has been up in TN a whole lot, but she wasn't moving permanently until she left this morning.

It kind of stinks that I wont be here to see my little brothers grow up. Andrew is turns 10 in 10 days, Josh turns 12 on Aug 26th. Josh is going to become a teenager before I will get to see him again; once I live in AZ. and my short little baby Andrew will probably get taller, maybe even taller than me... I am going to miss them lots!!!

Jess turns 16 in April of next year. She is growing up so fast, next thing I know, it will be her planning a wedding and all that. I am going to miss being here and laying next to her on the bed as she tells me all about whomever, and all about whatever happened that day. We will just have to talk on the phone a lot I guess..... but that is still not the same.

I wont get to be here anymore and spend time with my parents. My mommy will be too far away to come and see her... My daddy as well. It takes 9hrs by plane to get here from AZ (at least that's what I understood from Mikel). I miss them all already.. :(

I am going to be far away from all of my friends as well, I wont get to be here when some of them graduate or be here when they finally find that guy. I wont get to be here for Arielle's first day of kindergarten. :( I am going to miss everything because I will be so far away. Everyone that has become so dear to me will be far far away! I just hope they write me via, facebook, email, snail mail or call me, whatever so at least I kinda know whats going on.

I miss everyone already, and I have not even left, nor will I for 356days.. oh well..

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