Monday, May 28, 2012

New Look/Sorry Everyone!

So... I haven't blogged since April..... WOW! A lot has happened/changed since then.

Since I last blogged:
1. Mikel's Parents came to visit us. We had a great time together, went to the grand canyon, the zoo and just were plain lazy tourists. LOL!

Carol (Mom), Mikel, Me, Carl (Dad)

2. I survived Finals week made: 3 A's and one B.

3. Mikel and I went back to FL for a trip. We had a great time in FL! We went to the Heidi and Jerold's Wedding, my mom's graduation (So proud of her!), the beach and spent much time with friends and family. :)
Me, Mommy, & Grammy

Me, Heidi, Jerold, Mikel

4. Summer classes started for me about 3 weeks ago. I only have one class so hopefully I will keep up with my blogging better. My hubby also started one of his last 3 classes for his Associate of Science. :D

5. I got my placement for Student Teaching (aka my teaching internship). I will be working with 4th graders in a school 15min away from where we live.

6. Mikel, my husband, got switched to mid-shift aka night shift. He now goes into work between midnight and 2am each night/morning (Whatever you want to call it). Tonight he goes into work at 1am... Just 2hrs from now.

7. We adopted a Chinese Water Dragon. They get to be 3 feet long. Right now our lil guy "Toothless" is about 6 inches long.

Well, there's my update. I am sorry I never finished the A to Z challenge. Things got crazy and I got behind and then it got to the point of that there was no way to catch it back up.... :/