Sunday, September 11, 2011


What is it about getting married that makes you want to have a baby? I mean... Its like every time I see someone with a baby it makes me want one of my own. No, I am not planning on having one anytime soon... But i really want one! Mikel and I decided to wait until I graduate and become a certified teacher... This however, doesn't make it any easier to wait. Mikel even told me the other day he would like one soon, but he said he knows we have decided to wait till I graduate. I don't understand why ever since I got married, I really want to be pregnant and have a baby...
Most people I know who are married right now, either just had a baby or are pregnant.... I guess that's a reason why I want one... because every one else has one... But, well... IDK. I know we will have a baby whenever God wants us to and its all in his hands.