Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Student Teaching

So for my student teaching, I was hoping to work with students K-2nd.... However, I have 4th grade. Last fall I worked in special education, with 4th-8th graders... I really liked the fourth graders.. but I still prefer kindergarteners. Anyway m my thy goal is to put my thoughts about this experience on here, starting around August 27th....

Here's what I know as of right now:
      I will be expected to create and teach 2-3 unit plans(plus various other assignments). I will also be required to have at least 6 of my 10-16weeks in the classroom, be full time teaching experience; meaning I control and teach all lesson and do everything in the classroom. Starting week one I will get to know the school and students (I have to meet with the teacher beforehand). Week 2 I will begin to slowly take over subject areas one at a time until I have finally taken them all over and keep them for at least 6 weeks. After this I will slowly give each subject area back to the teacher.
       During this time I will also be taking 2 classes: Senior Seminar and Curriculum for Teaching Students with Severe Disabilities. This means I will be taking a total of 15credit hours... This would be no big deal because I have taken 15 credits most of my college experience; However, 10 of those hours are considered "Student Teaching". The problem is that I have to be in the classroom/school the entire time the teacher is required to be there Monday thru Friday... This means working from 7am-4:30pm. That's more than 9hrs a day making it  around 50hrs a week in the classroom, not including the time I have to take to complete "extra" assignments for that class as well as do whatever homework is required for my other classes.    Plus making dinner, spending time with the hubby and taking care of our multiple pets.

I am already starting to stress and its not even here yet... All I can think is "Can December 15th get here already??"

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...." Ever read the book/seen the movie "The Little Engine that Could"?
(If you havent.. Read the book! LOL!)

Anyway, I am so happy I have Jesus on my side! He will get me through this, so I shouldn't be saying "I think I can" I should be saying "With Him I can". :D

Have a Super De Doooper Tuesday!