Monday, June 07, 2010

lots of stuff to do.

I got my second ear piercing last night :D

So since Wednesday, I have been doing a lot! Thursday morning I took my AMH midterm, then babysat till like 3. I came home and had to work on things like cleaning the house (because Grammy and Poppop get here on Wednesday), and working on homework. We went to Evan's HS graduation. I am very proud of him for finishing!! We drove home that night and didn't get home till after 2am. I finished my AMH paper on yesterday morning, finished all my online AMH homework on thr, finished my online SPN homework yesterday, and wrote my paper for Spanish yesterday. I still have to write my presentation for tomorrow.. I decided to do it on Cinco de Mayo. I have my 2nd SPN test today.... I am really not ready for it.. I am so tired!! Jessica has to be at dance camp at 9am every morning this week, and I have to take her because its here in Brandon where im going to school for the summer. I now have to leave my house by 8am, when i used to not leave till 10:30am. nevertheless, I am awake way earlier than normal. Next week I have my final for AMH. I am hoping I did really good on the midterm.... but who knows we shall see.......

So Saturday morning I went to the post office to pick up my anniversary present from Mikel. our anniversary is the 14th. Guess what I got??????? A new laptop. :D my old one has been having problems and driving me crazy!!! So now I get to use this one, which is brand new!!
Mikel is the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him so very very very much!!!!!!

Anyway, now I am going to study a little bit for my SPN test that is in 2hrs.

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