Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy B-day Carrie!

So, today was Carrie's 18th birthday party. She had a princess tea party, which we all found kinda funny because Carrie has always acted like a tomboy... lol! Carrie had 3 kids there and the rest were teenagers or adults. It was a lot of fun, but I am exhausted! Arielle and Ava were fighting over me all night, they are both 4(well Arielle turns 4 in a few days). During the night I was holding both of them and dancing and the back of my dress where the zipper is ripped so ohwell, so much for keeping that dress(at least it only cost $8)...
Class again in the morning... Poor Mikel he called me tonight during the party wanting to talk and of course, I was kinda busy. Now hes out doing whatever and not available to talk and i'm about to fall asleep.... such is life for the next two weeks... I'm going crazy running on very little sleep trying to help everyone out and somehow still get my own homework done.
I keep on thinking about my wedding today with all of the party stuff going on.. oh guess what? I got to see my tiara today, and I took it home with me. I am borrowing it from some very good friends of mine... Its so beautiful Ill add a pic to this post if i can.
Well anyway, I'm falling asleep while typing, so i guess I'll go to bed... Night all!

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