Friday, June 18, 2010

Well I am now officially done with my American History class. :D I took the final this morning, spent all day yesterday typing the last paper for that class and writing my discussion post. On Wednesday my two teaching classes officially start, however I have already begun doing the homework. I was hoping to be able to buy my text books today, but that didn't happen.. oh well! The book store is now closed on Fridays because of it being summer. :/ I wish i had known that I would have went an bought my books yesterday, now I have to wait till Monday to get them. :( I can't finish some of the homework that's due a week from Monday because of not having the text books. So much for trying to get ahead. I already despise my technology education class. Too much work for my liking in a 6 week period lol! but, I have to have it for my degree.
I cant wait till Aug 5th when I have 2 weeks off from school (the closest I get to summer break).

On the 29th I have my Spanish final, so that class will be over. I have so much to do for my other two classes so its a good thing, although I will miss my Spanish class.

Tomorrow I am baby sitting from 9am- Sunday. Its going to be a long day!! Also, Tomorrow is Arielle's B-day party.

Anyway, I am on skype with Mikel, so I am going to stop writing.

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