Friday, December 09, 2011


The picture is of lovely study notes (Can you hear my sarcasm???) I have been writing for the past few hours. My hands hurt from all that writing, but it helps me remember. I condensed 8pgs of reading to 5 and a half pgs of note book paper. Once I finish creating my study guides, I plan to take test one in each of my books and see if I pass. I already took the diagnostic test.  Anyway, for the next month all I am going to be doing is writing those study note. I decided to take a break and do something else, so I am writing a blog post. LOL!

Photo Challenge Dec 9th- Santa Clause

I have decided to join in the photo challenge although I am a few days late I think it will be tons of fun! Hopefully I can keep up with it. :) Today's Photo Challenge is Santa Clause.
This is a picture of one of my very first Christmas ornaments. I received this when I was only three months old. :)

This week: 12/9


I am out of school but have been studying for my teacher certification exams. I really want to pass the first time! I have to study about 20pages a day to get though all the material. I take my first exam in 32 days. Just a little over a month from now. I am worried, but at the same time I know God has it all under control!


Lets see... Life right now is good. I am tired LOL! On black friday we bought a new TV. We had a 19" TV now we have a 32". There is a big difference! LOL! My hubby and I both race to the mailbox each day because we know our Christmas presents are coming in the mail and we want to be there and try to open them before the other says we have wait till Christmas. LOL! yes, we are silly.


My pets are their usual rambunctious selves. The cat has currently ate 3 lights off of our prelit tree. :/  He is such a silly cat! He has been taking his stocking off of the wall. Yes, we got our pets stockings. LOL! Cocoa and Jack are crazy and like to run around in circles, but thats ok LOL!


As you have seen, I have been having fun cooking yummy meals for the hubby and I. Trying to eat healthy is hard. Lowering my carb intake makes me feel like I am starving!!! LOL!
Christmas Day: As of right now, I am planning on making a yummy ham covered in pineapples and splenda brown sugar, along with mashed potatoes and other bad for you but so yummy to eat foods. :D


I am currently reading the book Monster by Frank Peretti. So far it has my attention and I hate putting it down.


Right now it is a lovely 41 degrees outside. But it actually isnt too bad. I have gotten used to it. :) The high today is 63 with the low being 37. Its pretty cold at night/early morning. But during the day the hot desert sun is out to keep you warm!

This year for Christmas I am not sure what we are going to do. As of right now, our plan is to enjoy our first Christmas together married alone. I am hoping to buy some old Christmas movies like frosty and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer to watch, or maybe we will just watch whatever ones happen to be on TV on Christmas. I will definitely miss my family!!!

~And Now a Peanuts Comic~
Stay warm and have loads of fun looking for snow flakes that are exactly the same. ;D