Monday, July 30, 2012

Excited about Student teaching. :D :D

So today I met the teacher I will be working with this semester. Her name is Heidi and she teaches 5th grade.(If you read a post before about me teaching in 4th, that has changed) I am so excited to be apart of her class. She wants me involved if i'm willing even now, before my semester starts so the students can get to know me and I can get the most out of student teaching. On Wednesday I go to the teacher meeting where they review the teacher handbook, Thursday is meet the teacher night and Friday I am going to help her finish some of her last minuet things. I am also going to go to school the first day of class for the students which is on Monday. She even wants me to do an ice breaker activity with the students. I am leaning towards doing something like: Two truths and a Lie. We have 34 students at various levels.

Anyway, she seems to be an amazing person and teacher. So I am so excited to be working with her!!!! I cannot wait to meet all of our 34 students and to get to know each one. This is going to be a hard, but great experience!

My goal is to write on here a lil each to week to have a sort of journal of my student teaching experience. We shall see if that actually happens!!


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