Saturday, July 14, 2012

Basketball and Raquetball

Yep, I am actually about to talk about two sports... well actually complain...

Everyone but me, on the court playing basketball
Basketball is fun to me. Last night and today we played and its funny... the rules are NORMAL... LOL!  You throw the ball in the hoop, if it makes it you get a point.. if it goes out of bounds you check it in etc.

When it comes to racquetball however, I swear the boys make up a new rule every time we play...

I mean they told us the rules last night and I thought I had them down... especially since my team one... But today its like oh "it can't hit the wall or it has to be reserved"... The boys keep saying "its just like Tennis" but both Heidi and I have never played tennis...

You missed me chasing the ball like crazy, twisting around in circles to hit it and one time even falling on the floor trying to pick up the ball to serve... Go ahead and laugh...  yep, I totally stink at racquet ball... oh well.

Anyone else play any confusing sports?


  1. Confusing sport... football. As much as I love watching it and playing it in gym... it was always quite confusing to me.

  2. I agree with the last commenter... Football took me forever to even start figuring out.
    I pretty much hate racquetball... I think it is an evil, torture chamber like sport just designed to weed out the hyper coordinated from the rest of us... Of course that could just be me! :)


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