Friday, September 02, 2011

Yesterday's Randomnes

So the other day I posted all about things that were supposed to happen yesterday. So now I am going to tell you what actually did happen yesterday. LOL!

I woke up at 5:30am when I didn't have to be up till 7am. I went to Heart Link, which ended up being great. I learned a great deal about the Air Force and if you are reading this and are an Air Force spouse and never been to a Heart Link meeting I strongly suggest going whether you have  been an AF spouse for 1 or 21 years. We had women in there who had been AF spouses for 18-25 years and they learned things they didn't know.  It was very cool, they fed us a great breakfast, lunch and provided lots of drinks and snacks for everyone. They also had all different people come and talk to us. The Commander and Chief came and talked to us and that was cool. When they did that I found out that the Chief's wife was sitting next to me (and she was a newlywed) we also found out that the other Commander's wife was in there with us too taking part in heart link and trying to learn more about the USAF. We also had people from all of the different agencies and clubs come. The taught us about protocol, how to tell different ranking based upon strips and more. It was great! I am thinking about joining the enlisted spouses club it sounds really awesome and like a great opportunity for me to meet more people.

After Heart Link, I came home payed the rent (a good thing to do, since it was due) and then waited for Mikel to come home. Once Mikel came home we went shopping and got all the groceries we need for the next few weeks. :) After that we came home put up the cold stuff and then went to a football game. (Did I do my science experiment? No! Did I call my grandparents? No! Did I post a pic on here? No!)
My monkey T-shirt

The AZ Cardinals vs. the Denver Broncos. That was my first football game ever.  The whole time I was having to ask what was going on because what it looked like to me was a bunch of guys running around in circles and trying to catch a ball lol! One cool thing is that I got to watch Tim Tebow play (the only football player I know by name). Which I thought was awesome since he was once a FL gator and he claims to be a Christian.  :) By the end of the 2nd quarter I was kind of bored. So I started going a lil crazy taking pictures.
LOL! I took 150 pics. So I added a few of them on here. Do not ask me what is happening in them because I have no idea! LOL!

By the time we got home it was almost midnight so we crashed. Mikel woke up for work late today which wasn't the greatest thing but he went to work and didn't get into trouble that we know of. :) Cocoa hated yesterday because she is was in the cage most of the day we were only home for 2hrs of the day. So now she is acting all crazy and running around in circle and Midnight is attacking her as well. I did finish my science experiment today and did all the homework associated with it and turned it in. :) I feel very tired right now so I am thinking about taking a nap... But, I need to clean the apartment which I really haven't done all week. :/ (So its pretty bad.) IDK what will happen. Mikel and I may go to wet and wild tomorrow. Its free for military and only $20 for dependents tomorrow only, so we are really considering it. :)
Anyway, thats all for now!

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