Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Field Experience and more

So field experience was awesome! I get to work with children from 4th-8th grade. Here they only have elementary and high school so the elementary is K-8th grade. The teacher I work with is wonderful and she put me to work right away, which is great! I dont like it when I just have to sit there and observe, I learn better by doing. I get to be in a fourth and fifth grade classroom as well as in the special ed room every day... This gives me tons of opportunities to learn! Today, I realized how inadequate I am compared to real teachers... I am in awe of these teachers. I hope I will become an even better teacher than they are! Every field experience has taught me something different and showed me things I need to learn how to do. I dont know how I am going to learn all that I need to, to be a great teacher.... :/ I am going to do my best and be the best I can be.

This week is kind of different... Mikel goes to work at 9pm whereas I have to be up at 7am for field experience... So I am on a morning schedule and Mikel is on a night schedule so its different for us. Guess what? Tomorrow is my birthday, I turn 22 and my hubby got my birthday off. :) We are going to go see the movie The Help and go out for lunch or dinner or both and then go to bible study. :)

I have so much homework to do before Saturday... I should really be working on that instead of blogging. LOL!

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  1. I enjoyed reading about this... I'm applying for field experience for next year and can't wait. :) I actually enjoyed observing though - I definitely saw certain things that I didn't like and certain things I loved... and made a note of it all. I really loved the observation period and can't wait for the field experience. I'm a bit nervous, to be honest. But your post lessened the nervousness a little - thanks :)


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