Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week's Randomness 9/16/11

So whats up with me this week?
This week I had my 2nd week of field experience. That was great! The teacher I work with lets me do so much! I love it! Right now I am kind of sore because of Zumba. I really enjoy going to Zumba, it gets me out of the house and lets me spend time with people (and not just my pets). We h ave started going to a bible study at our church that is close to us. It is kind of like home group or small groups. We meet in someones house, sing and learn about God. I like it a lot (it gets me out of the house too). I am really beginning to hate being in the house. I want to have a friend that I can meet (out of the house) and go out for coffee or go to the movies or the library or anything really as long as I am not in the house. I am going to start studying for my certification exams that I take when we go to FL in January. We will be in FL January 9th-21st. I cannot wait to go home and see all our family and friends again; I miss them all so much!

Midnight's knee is swollen and has to have xrays. They are going to cost around $200 after the vet visit and xrays. Plus we need to get him the anti inflammatory medication. :( Cocoa is being her normal crazy self.

Well, we finally found out what is wrong with Mikel's back. :( He has 2 cysts under his S1 vertebrae. He has an appointment next week for an MRI and an appointment with the neurologist. After the MRI he has to make an appointment with the neurosurgeon. This really scares me because that really sounds like surgery... :( and with it being in his back there are a lot of risks, but if it makes him not in so much pain that would be good. His pain has gotten worse and worse. :( I am adding a picture of the spine so one can see where the S1 vertebrae are. it is part of the lower back.
                My parents got me Monster by Frank Peretti for my birthday. I am hoping to begin reading that this next week.

Random Picture:
This is Mikel and I at the football game a few weeks ago. :)

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  1. Hey Ang, that really stinks about Mikel's back...pray that you'll have wisdom in the decisions you'll have to make about it all.

    I tagged you...see this post

    I know you don't have many followers so don't worry about tagging 5 other people, only do as many as you can or want...or none at all :)

    ~Melissa :)


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