Saturday, September 10, 2011

This Week's Randomness

These are my gifts from my hubby for my birthday. :)

 My birthday was great! Mikel and I slept in, then got up and went out for Chinese. We found and ok place, nothing like Lings in FL, but it wasn't bad... They even had the kind of sushi i like. :) (The last place we tried the only thing I would eat was the teriyaki (sp?) chicken.... and I am not picky everything just tasted bad!) 

After that we went to Kmart and I got some awesome shoes!

After going to Kmart we went to the movies. Outside of the movies there was a coffee shop called Tully's. They have the best coffee ever! WAY better than Starbucks! I had a Mocha Bellachino. It was amazing! I have been wanting one every day since. LOL! 

After watching the movie The Help (Which was great by the way!) We went to bible study. We ended my birthday at Applebees. I got a free sundae because it was my birthday which Mikel ate almost all of.
My hubby and I at Applebees

Ok, so field experience on thursday was great! I am just now getting the chance to write on here because I have been so busy. I got to do a lot on Thursday including doing a reading inventory test on a student. The teacher I work with is trying to let me do all she can. :) The past couple days I have spent doing my homework which was a lot! But now it is all done and turned in.

Yesterday we got a stray dog. We are trying to find his owner. For now, he has a home with us. We are calling him Brutus. Today the kitty was curious about the water in the tub... I got a picture of him looking at it. A few min after the picture Midnight jumped in the bathtub and jumped right back out all nice and wet lol!

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001. :(  Take time to pray for those families who had someone close die and to remember what happened on that day.

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