Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Back to School Meeting

Today I went to a back to school meeting for teachers which went over a lot including: classroom management, being consistent across the grade level, dress code, school procedures for fire drill/lock down etc.

By the time I got home I was on information overload... It amazes me how much teachers do. I don't think I realized all the work the go through each year just to have their classroom ready. There are so many do's and dont's, and things you have to have prepared for the first day, since you never know what may happen. All I can say is that today has definitely been a learning experience!!

After our meetings (which went from 8am-3:50pm), our grade level sat down for a chat and decided on their behavior management procedures and grading procedures. The biggest thing  I learned about today is that you need consistency across the grade level. I hadn't really thought about it much, but it totally made sense. One teacher, truly shouldn't grade harder or have more projects than the next one in the same grade level...

Something that was greatly discussed today regarding grading was: Should you take student's redos and give them the grade of the redo or average the two grades??...  What is your opinion on the subject?

Tomorrow is "Meet the Teacher Night". I am excited for that! (Possibly more blogging tomorrow. :)) Anyway, I believe that's all I have to say for now... I am very tired as this was my first full day of getting up early and then being busy till 5pm. 


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  1. I always accepted re-dos from the girlies... After all, the point was for them to learn the material and if they took the time to re-do it I felt they had earned the grade... I was harder on them with tests and in the later years of high school, but tried to remember the goal was to learn the material.


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