Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Good news first... Not so good news later.. LOL!

Good news: I lost 4 pounds in a week. My exercising/dieting is paying off. I was so excited yesterday when the scale said I had lost 4 pounds.. only 46 more to loose. Other good news I survived yesterday... A day when I had a HUGE test, a quiz and a paper due...

Bad News: you know that test I was worried about??? Well I made a 70% on it.... Most of you are now thinking... that's passing..... But I am really striving for all A's this semester. If I can pull it off I will get the highest honors (other than the one for 4.0) when I graduate. I wanted at least a B on it. So, its bad news to me!!!

Other Bad News includes the fact that my hubby's Dr. had him fill out the info for the medical board. The medical board, whenever they ask for the paper work, will then decide to either retrain my hubby or kick him out of the air force... This greatly worries me, as IDK what we would do at that point. We would have to move back to FL but Idk about jobs or any of that... Lets just say.. its going to get crazy if they decide to kick him out before the end of the year...

We still have no answers as to what exactly is wrong with his back.. Nothing is wrong according to the Dr.s He sees the Ruematologist on the 10th of next month... If that Dr. cant do anything he will then be sent to a spine specialist and if he doesn't work out then to a chiropractor... After that... there is nothing more to be done... :/ We have already been to the neurologist, and pain management. He is still in a lot of pain!! Yesterday he came home for lunch and just laid on the couch... :(

Anyway, theres the short update.. I have to write a paper today.. so I am done with posting for today anyway...
Have a great Tuesday!!!

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  1. 4 pounds! That's awesome!! =)

    Sorry to hear about the not-so-great grade and your hubby's back. Hope things work out!

    Good luck on the paper!


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