Friday, March 09, 2012

Complaining about classes

*Warning, I am aggravated with a class right now, so this writing might not be nice. *

OK, so I am in this class called Curriculum for Teaching Students with Exceptionalities right? So when you think of that name what do you think of? Well, to me it means learning about curriculum for teaching students with disabilities. So far in the class all I have learned about is how to look at students assessments and decide what to do with that student next. I guess yes, it does have something to do with curriculum because I am writing how i will teach the student... But most of what I am writing are instructional strategies such as pairing the student with a buddy or spending extra time tutoring that student in some area. Either way... to me, that's no curriculum... I thought curriculum was what you used to teach the students.. like the books, lesson plans etc. Not different strategies for solving student problems. I mean I know that is part of it... but... that's all we have done and the semester is almost over. I am scared I wont know what to do when I enter the real classroom for student teaching... Ugh... 

Also this class has a test on Monday that I am stressed about. Yes, I said my classes are easy this semester.. but this class is the hardest of them. I made a 75% on the last test which I am not happy about... the test on Monday covers 150pgs worth of a huge text book. If you took anatomy and physiology in college you may know what I mean by a huge text book... Its not one the size of a normal reading book at all... On top of that there is another book that is the size of a normal reading book that we have been reading for this class and I have no idea how much of that book will be assessed on this test... Oh, and don't forget all of the online readings...

I wish this teacher would give us a little more hints about what we are expected to know... a study guide would be great! But I guess thats too much to ask.... 

Anyway, as you can tell I am a little stressed. I am going back to reading/studying for that test...


  1. My curriculum class is like that too! In that we don't learn anything really useful. Actually so far, what we've been learning is why one SHOULDN'T become a teacher. Honestly, that is one discouraging class. It's seriously ridiculous!

    Teach me something about CURRICULUM. lol. I understand some of the frustration there.

    Best of luck studying. Doesnt sound like itd be an easy exam especially since the professor wasnt clear as to what to expect for the exam.

    I know you'll be an awesome teacher :) Keep your head up - all this will be worth it.

    That being said, I probably should go back to studying myself. I'm taking yet another Praxis tomorrow. I have three in total I have to take for my certification. I passed the first one. Didn't pass the science one and tomorrow I'm taking the Biology one. The amount of information I have to know is overwhelming. There's my vent for the evening lol.

    Getting to teach will be worth all this hair-pulling. It will be. :)

    1. Good luck on your praxis. What are grades are you wanting to teach? I know what its like to take teacher certification exams.... I went through all that in January..

      And I am glad you understand about the curriculum class. I am so confused at why they name it that.. if its going to have nothing to do with curriculum.. but hey.. I can do this! after this semester, I only have 2 more classes to go and my internship and I am DONE!!!!! LOL!

      And YES it will be worth it once I get to teach! :D

  2. I wanna teach high school lol. I'm starting junior field in the fall... so 2 more semesters for me lol.

    Good luck with everything! :)


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