Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest & Cooking

Have you gone on Pinterest yet? If not, I totally suggest you go! I found all these cool ideas for cooking and making things! I spent over two hours on there last night.

Anyway, a great idea for cooking came out of it. Pre-made crock pot meals made in ziplock bags that all you do is take out of the freezer and put in the crock pot. The lady who came up with this idea, has all the info including what to buy at the grocery store and everything for 8 meals made in the crock pot. here is the   LINK to her blog post about it.

Anyway, so today using that idea, I made a chicken noodle soup meal in the ziplock (excluding the noodles because they would get all soggy). It was pretty easy... I baked a whole chicken last night for dinner, we ate half for dinner. I then de-boned the chicken and saved all the broth. The broth I put in the ziplock along with some chicken bullion, water and peas and carrots and of course the chicken. I also added an onion to the mix and some garlic and onion powder. It should be yummy. Next week I am going to make the meals from the blog post above so you will hear about those next week. Sorry I didn't have pictures of the whole process, but here is a finished picture. :) FYI what fits in a ziplock is just perfect for our crock pot its a 5qt.

Another note, because this was mostly liquid, i double zbagged it.

Anyway, I hope you had a good Sunday. :)

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  1. That's an AWESOME idea - especially if one's in a rush. Thanks for sharing this :)

    And yep I'm on Pinterest :)


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