Thursday, February 09, 2012

Graduation and life

So today, I applied for graduation and student teaching. I graduate Dec 15th of this year. I cannot wait! I wont be walking although I kind of want to. But my school is located in Pensacola, FL and I live in AZ. My family in FL lives like 8 hours from the school so its just not worth it to me. However, I will be buying a tassel because I want one and I figured out how to buy one today without buying the cap and gown.

Its been 5 years since I graduated high school, 3 since I graduated with my AA.(If you are wondering why it is taking me so long, I changed majors so that put me behind by a lil over a year.) So I think its about time. I am 22 and 3 months after I turn 23, I will graduate with my bachelors degree in Exceptional Student Education and Elementary Education with minors in ESOL and Reading. I cant believe by Christmas I will have graduated 3 times... I am finally done!!! I am considering going on for a masters in ESE, but at the same time, I haven't decided yet...

Here are some Graduation photos from the past. :)
High School Grad June 2007

High School Grad with my parents June 2007

 A.A. in Spanish Grad May 2009 Spanish, Grad May 2009

Ok, so you are probably wondering what else is going on in my life huh?
 Well for starters, we get the keys to our new home on Wed... yes, just 6 days away. I am very excited about that, yet its driving me crazy because of all the work I have yet to complete.

Mikel's back is still bothering him.... Nothing has worked so far. They are sending him to a ruematologist (sp?), hopefully that Dr. will help...
Oh and speaking of doctors, I went to the hospital Tuesday night due to severe ear pain. I was diagnosed with an ear infections and given pain meds and antibiotics, I seem to be doing better. 

I am not really reading anything but school book as of right now due to classes and not having extra time.

My animals are driving me crazy as when I clean they are right behind me messing things up.. :(

Anyway, I hope your week has been going well! As of right now my goal is to post on here at least once a week. With everything going on, its hard for me to remember to, so please be patient with me!


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