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Ok, so I promised once finals were over I would update my blog so here goes.....


I am finally done with finals and now for the whole month of December(and part of January) I get to study for my FTCEs (Florida Teacher Certification Exam). I am taking three in January when we go back to FL for a visit... (Yes, if you didn't know, the hubby got leave and we get to go home in January from the 9th-21st. I am so excited about that!!!) OK back to the tests now... I am taking 3- Elementary Education K-6, Exceptional Student Educations K-12 and Professional Education. I really want to pass the first time, so I am going to be studying like crazy!!! For all 3 it cost me $550 and I really do not want to have to pay that again. You may be wondering why, if I am living in AZ, I am taking FL certification exams, here is the reason; I go to a FL university and the only way to begin student teaching and to graduate is to pass the FL certification exams. Plus, I hope we may live in  FL long enough so I can finish certifying there and have my professional certification to take wherever we go next.

I decided to take only twelve credits next semester instead of my normal fifteen. This is because in order to take fifteen I would have to take a class I do not need. I am taking: ELEMENTARY & SPECIAL EDUCATION INTEGRATED ARTS, CURRICULUM FOR TEACHING STUDENTS WITH EXCEPTIONALITIES, ASSESSMENT & DIFFERENTIAL INSTRUCTION IN READING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL II, and SOCIAL STUDIES FOR ELEMENTARY TEACHERS. 
  Then I have two summer classes, student teaching in the fall and I graduate!!!! I graduate Dec 2012! Whoot!!! I can't wait!!!!! :)


I will tell you my exciting news first: We are moving on base in February. Currently we are living in a two bedroom apartment with 2 dogs and a kitten. We cannot wait to move on base to a 3bedroom/2bath house with a fenced in backyard for the puppies. I am so excited. Normally we would only get a 2/1 house, but they are running a special. Plus in January they are going to give us a list of 3 address and we get to go look and choose which house we want. :) I am so excited about...

We have decorated the house for Christmas. I am so happy Christmas is coming! Its my favorite time of year!!! I went Christmas shopping and bought almost all my gifts for the hubby. I only need to pick up three more. :) Here is a pic of our Christmas tree. :)

I recently started a new diet (3days ago), where I taking most carbohydrates out of my diet. I am not eating bread, noodles, biscuits etc. Right now, though I am still eating them with one meal a day. This has been very hard to do! I am eating them with one meal a day so that I don't shock my system and mess up my sugar levels. As you may know, I am hypoglycemic and although I do not eat an sugar, i have been eating tons of things that turn into sugar. I really want to loose weight so I am changing my diet to a more healthier one and trying to exercise more often. I am about 70pounds over weight which is a lot! My goal for now is to loose 50pounds in the next year. Staying on my diet is going to be hardest come Christmas. My hubby and I bought bicycles for ourselves for Christmas (they come in the 15th) and are going to work on training to be able to do a 30mi mountain trail. It sounds like a lot of work but a lot of fun once we can do it! I haven't rode a bike in a few years, so its going to take some getting used to. I am also trying to walk the dogs more often so I get some extra exercise when at home.


Yes, we now have two puppies; Jack and Cocoa. They are both very silly and like to get into everything! Jack absolutely loves paper, I call him my paper shredder whereas Cocoa loves plastic anything plastic. LOL! Midnight our kitty has gotten a lot bigger. He likes to run around the house chasing Jack and pouncing on him. they have both decided that they like each other because they are about the same size and are equal opponents. Cocoa however, is twice the size of them and beats them up... Oh well! Here are some cute  Christmas pictures of my pets. :)


As mentioned above, I have began a new diet and therefore I am cooking a little differently. I am however still cooking carbs for the hubby because he is so skinny and would die without them. LOL!


I am currently in the book of Exodus. I kind of got behind in my reading due to everything with school, no that should not be an excuse, but that's what happened.


Well its finally getting cooler out. Last night it dropped into the 30s and I was freezing all night! We havent used the AC in over a month now. :) we saved $60 in electricity this month through not using the AC. One downside to that is that it can get chilly in the apartment like it was last night. Oh well. LOL!

~Any Questions?~

Let me know if I forgot to update on something or if you have any questions.... I am off to make dinner which is a roast with lots of veggies!

TTFN (ta-ta for now!~Tiger from Winnie the Pooh)

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  1. I LOVE YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!! It's the best one I've seen so far! :)

    And awww -love the pics :)
    Have fun in FL! :)


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