Sunday, December 04, 2011

God is ____

God is Love.
God is Wrath. 

Think about that. 



  1. Yep. It's hard to wrap one's brain around that. But it's definitely true.

  2. It's not too hard to understand when you look at how God describes His love for us. He loves us like a bridegroom loves His wife. When we sin and rebel, worshiping the things of this world, He says it's like adultery. A married person only has to spend one second contemplating the feelings that would come with an unfaithful spouse to understand God's wrath toward the unrepentant.

    However, the love part is so strong, He was willing to buy us back at the cost of His life. God makes Hosea a great metaphor of His love with the man's prostitute wife. He makes Hosea go and buy her back to demonstrate God's love for His children.

    Simple post but powerful. God Bless!

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