Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long post of Random Things

Ok, So I started this post on Friday, then the computer crashed and I lost a lot of it... So here again, I am working on it. :) 

~Field Experience~
So I am now at 56.75hrs of field experience. :) That's a little over half way through. :D This week for the schools here is fall break so no field experience this week. 
In the next two months I will be teaching three lessons. I haven't decided yet whether I want to do reading, or math 5th grade, or math 4th grade. I am leaning more towards two reading lessons and 5th grade math...
This week in field experience I got to do a lot of assisting the students. I sat outside of the classroom just me and the students and helped them work on their tests and their assignments. The students we have sometimes just need to be reminded repeatedly to go back to work. Some of them have to have someone sit beside them reminding them constantly to get back to work. One of our students is really cute.. He will sit in the corner and cover up his face with the book, all the time telling me he is reading.... When I walk over to him and tell him he is not allowed to sleep.. He smiles at me (one of those big irresistibly cute smiles) and says but I'm so tired.... (Sorry, cute little boys make my heart melt... I am so afraid of having a son. LOL!) It was so hard not to smile back and to tell him he has to read his book.

I have midterms this week so last week was spent turning in projects and then studying... Which is why I didn't blog as much... But I thought I could take time out today to blog. :) My classes are going good, I have an A in all but one class. I am happy about that! 

It is pretty cool here in AZ. It was 63 degrees when I woke up... 90 is the high for today. I love looking up at the sky here. There are sooo many stars in the sky! Also, with it being cooler the sky has been blue with white fluffy clouds. I <3 it! LOL! The skies look amazing in the evening as well! One day last week it was so much cooler out I got to wear long sleeves.

Lets see, this past week has been a little crazy because Mikel has had to be at work at 4:30am... However this week its 7am which is a little better. (last week he was pretty grumpy because he wasn't getting enough sleep.) 
So I thought this was very cute!

 This Sunday is our families week to make the lunch for church. We are making Italian foods; a pan of baked spaghetti, baked ziti and lasagna with salad and bread and butter. Its going to be a lot of work for just me and my hubby to make all that food for the church... but we can do it! 

Last weekend... that is Sunday, we finished building our bed frame. I am so happy our bed now has a bed frame. :) 
Before and After of the wood we finished
Mikel getting ready to drill and put the screws in.
The Screws are now in and everything is attached.
Everything done
Everything done and set up in our bedroom
Set up in the bedroom

Bed all set up and made with my handmade quilt from Holloway's Country Home
 (Holloway's ~ Also known as my grandma's shop)

 ~TV/Movies~ I am excited that Psych's new season starts tonight! I really like watching that show. I really want to watch the movie Courageous.

Monday we got some new fish and two crabs... I LOVE the crabs they are sooo cool!!!! 

Opaline Gouramis
Algae Eaters
Gold Gouramis
Honey Sunset Gouramis
Feeder Fish (for crabs to eat)

 Cocoa was sick last week. She ate a bunch of people food... however, she is now starting to get back to normal. She was having a lot of digestion problems....

Midnight, today I found attacking one of my stuff animals... I was kind of surprised because he was eating it... I guess he thinks hes part puppy. LOL! I wish I had gotten a picture of that.. Midnight has decided that he is supposed to be on my shoulder when ever possible. The other day he jumped from the couch to my shoulder while I was standing... Silly Kitty!!!


I am currently reading through the bible using the Old and New Testament reading plan. I am also reading some out of psalms and proverbs everyday. I am only on day 13 of the old and new testament reading plan (I read Genesis 31-32 today), whereas I am on day thirty  of Psalms and Proverbs reading plan ( I read Psalm  30 and Proverbs 30 today).
You Version is awesome, it allows you to choose many reading plans and if you have a phone (any phone that allows you to download apps) or ipod you can download the app and read your bible on the go. I love it! If you want to see what I am reading here are the links:

My goal is also to read Monster by Frank Peretti and Burn by Ted Dekker. 

What are you reading this month?


We went to the neurologist today.... He said that he just thinks its the scoliosis...  He said there is nothing neurological and referred the hubby to a reumatologist (in case he does have the genetic disorder). The MRI was clean. So that's good! We are still  awaiting the results of the genetic testing.. Pretty much, we got no where... He is still in pain and they don't know whats causing it. :(
So far he has been to physical therapy that helped only a little and now to a neurologist... Hopefully we figure out something soon! 
He really wanted this chair... It was super soft.

 BTW. I upload my pictures and put them on here as small... But if you click on them they will open a new window and be way bigger. Just thought I would let you know in case you didn't know. :)

Well, I think that's a total update on everything! 

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  1. Warning: A long comment ahead ;)

    1) Field Experience: Hope that you have fun teaching! :) It's great that you're more than halfway through - hope the other half goes smoothly! :) The little kid sounds uber cute! I wouldn't be able to resist him, either haha.

    2) Good luck with all your midterms. I just had mine as well the past two weeks. Thankfully it's all over. I hope you do well on yours :)

    3)Arizona looks soooo pretty :) That's quite a temperature leap - and a far cry from Jersey weather, haha. We've been experiencing lower temperatures - which I'm not complaining too much about lol ;)

    4. Your hubby had to be at work at 4:30?! I feel grumpy just waking up at that hour sometimes...much less having to be anywhere at that time. I'm glad it's at 7 now.

    And wow! that's quite a bit for just two people to make. How big is your church? A lot of people?

    And that's soo cool that you guys built your own bed frame. Makes it uber special :)

    5) I want to watch Courageous as well :) your pets are cute :)

    6) Glad your hubby's okay.. hope the pain goes away

    Have a bright and blessed week!! :)


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