Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School and More

So today, I am thinking about school starting. On Monday I begin my 5 classes; EEX4772 personal/soc/skills, EEX4833 field experience, RED3310 lit instr intermed, SCE4310 teaching sci/elem sc and TSL4081 tchg eng to esol stu. It is going to be a crazy semester. I have to be in the classroom for 100hrs this semester over the course of 10 weeks. So that is going to be interesting. My classes are going to keep me very busy this semester. I am going to experience something new, being a wife as well as going to school. This whole summer we have had with each other. I have had nothing to do but work out, which I work around his work schedule. However, when I begin field experience and have to be in the classrooms, that will not be able to be worked around his schedule, It will just have to happen when it happens… lol!

I am excited yet scared about beginning this semester. I don’t know what to expect which scares me. But God is in control of everything! He will take care of me!!!

I went to the doctor today due to my constant headaches. He believes they are due to allergies. He told me to take an allergy medication every night before bed (this is because I usually wake up with the headache) and he also gave me a pain killer. It’s interesting going to doctor dressed in ABUs (AKA camouflage). To me it’s kind of weird… but I guess I’ll get used to it being an air force wife. Lol! But still, I’m used to doctors wearing either scrubs or a doctor’s coat or even dress pants and a collared shirt. Oh well!!!!

Well, there’s the update on what’s going on in my life. I’m going to go to sleep now. Its midnight here.
Good night world!!

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