Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Field Expereince Today

So today I was supposed to have my first field experience. Notice the key word SUPPOSED. Well, I woke up early got dressed, reviewed my handbook and orientation. Got everything ready to go, put Cocoa in her cage then went to grab my purse and walk out the door and that's when it hit me. MY PURSE WAS IN MIKEL'S CAR!!!  I texted him immediately and waited a few checked the house to make sure my keys weren't somewhere in here. Then finally, I called the school to tell them that I couldn't come. (Way to make a first impression. :(  ) Mikel called me right after I canceled... Which was just awesome because I had already canceled. I started crying... I still feel horrible.. :( So thought I would blog about it... :( Anyway, no field experience today to write about or enjoy.... :( I guess I have extra time to clean and do homework.

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