Thursday, August 04, 2011

Missing people....

So, our neighbor has been gone all week... He left his alarm clock on... so it goes off every morning around 5 am and continues to go off for an hour. Its very annoying and keeps both of us awake at night/early morning. :( I wish I could go in there and turn it off. Last night I put our big fan in our room and that made most of the noise go away. I was able to sleep a little bit.

Midnight can be such a brat to Cocoa. He climbs to the top of his cat tower and continues to swat at Cocoa then when Cocoa stops paying attention to him he will jump down and pounce on her. It is kind of funny to watch. lol! They both love to chase each other around the house.... its kind of funny because they do everything together.. they take naps at the same time... chase the ball across the room together, eat and drink together.... they are just plain silly. lol!

I really miss everyone at home. I so far dont have anyone to hang out with. I miss having friends to hang out with. Someone to go to the store with or to hang out at Starbucks with or to have homework parties with. I wish I had at least one good friend here. :/ My family is in TN hanging out there. I always went up two TN in the summer. This is the first summer I haven't. I miss my siblings. They are growing up and I am not there.. I also miss all the children that made an impact in my life like Arielle, lil Shawn, Vivian, Ava, Alivia etc. I dont get to be there and see them grow up either. Arielle and Shawn start kindergarten this month... I wish I could be there for that. I just really miss everyone. :(

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