Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am really tired of headaches! Right now I have a headache. I keep on getting them and they have been driving me crazy! Ever since I moved here I have been getting at least 2 headaches a week. So yea... im really tired of my headaches. :(

Right now, Mikel is at work. The kitten and puppy are sleeping. I'm sitting here kind of bord... I decided to write rather than just sit here.

Married life is interesting. Right now, Mikel and I only get about 3hrs together (not including sleeping). Some days its even less when he has an apointment or something. he switches shifts again this coming week so then hopefully we will get a lil more time together. At least we get to be together each weekend. :)

Last weekend we tried to take Cocoa to the dog park. But, they were repairing things so the park was closed. :( We ended up taking her to Petsmart instead. Everyone loves to pet her... So no matter where we go she is the center of attention. lol!

I am kind of sad that the shows i watch just had their summer finales. :( now there isn't anything to watch. lol! I am going to go grocery shopping today. We are completely out of food. I only have enough to make dinner. lol! So yea, I kind of need to go shopping. lol! I am just hoping this headache will go away before I have to leave and go get groceries.

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