Monday, May 31, 2010

So I ended up babysitting over night last night... It was interesting... I didn't get much sleep... I was up till 2am on the phone with Mikel. He is 3hrs behind my time.... which sometimes stinks (late at night), and sometimes is nice(early in the morning). Anyway, so this morning I wake up and here Vann(4) and Sydney(7next week) playing... I go and check on them, change the clothes over that I was washing for there mom, and to get to the laundry room I have to go through the play room. I saw something red on the floor and was like, what is that. It was paint... They had apparently decided to paint something i have no idea what because they never showed me... But the floor, the carpet, the chairs and the table and other various places around the house had paint on them... What a way to ruin a morning. Oh and also, I woke up with a headache.. So between the two... ugh!!! So while I am cleaning up paint, Vann decided to open the front door and he let the dog out. I had to chase Angel down the street to get her back into the house.... We did somehow make it to church this morning... and we were 10min early(I have no idea how that happened).
Church was nice... I had a really bad headache but luckily by the time i was needed to help in children's church it had gone most of the way away. I helped teach about Daniel and the lions den... It was fun but crazy because the whole youth group decided to join the kids... lol!!! After church, I took Vann and Syd to CiCi's pizza for lunch and then we spent the rest of the day at the park. At almost 5pm their parents came home. I made $110 for this weekend :D too bad I don't get to keep any of it.

So, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Shirley gave me and Mikel a leather pull out couch that looks brand-new!!! It is amazing!! I have always wanted a leather couch I think they are the most comfortable couches ever!!! Lol!!
Since writing the above I have just got home from Dollar Tree where by brother Joshua decided to drive me CRAZY by picking up stuff and going away from me in the store where I had to look for him every where.
Our home group collected things that Mr. Mike and Mrs. Shirley. I needed to get a big gift bag for all of the stuff and guess what I found while I was doing that,?? Rose petals 300 for $1, that’s cheaper than oriental trading (300 for $4). I was so happy to find those… I bought all of them... But there were only 12 bags lol! I am tempted to go to the other Dollar Tree and buy more…. So I have now started my buying for my wedding… only 169 days to go, I can’t wait!!! Anyway, tomorrow is memorial day, so Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

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