Monday, July 09, 2012

Life and the Book of James

The last time I posted was two weeks ago, so I figured it was time to write on my blog.

As of late Saturday night we now have some family staying with us. You may recognize the picture below because it was taken back in May when they got married.
Me, Heidi, Jerold, Mikel

Its very hot here in AZ its around 112 degrees outside... Which means, when you go outside you DIE! LOL!

I recently started a bible study called " James, Mercy Triumphs" by Beth more. I am doing it with my mom and a few of my moms friends. We are emailing each other and watching the videos on our own since we live in different states. Its interesting how every time I read the book of James I get something new out of it.

So far in the study we have been learning who James, the author of the book of James was. I don't think I ever really cared to find out more about the James of the book of James. But this study got me thinking.

James 1:1
James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings.

Did you know that when you look up James 1:1 in the Greek it calls James Jacobus (Jacob)?

Do you remember back in the old testament about Jacob and who he became? (Israel- through him the Jews were chosen. Gen 32:22-32)

Did you realize when you read the first chapter of James that the book wasn't  written to the gentiles?
It was written to the 12 tribes of Israel aka the Jews.

Do you think that the writer of the book of James was James the brother of Jesus?
From what I can tell he was.

Have you looked up where it says in the bible about Jesus' brothers? (John 7:1-9, 1Cor 151:7, Mark 3:21)

Hopefully, I gave you a lot to think about and to research on your own.

Have an amazing Monday!!


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  2. James is such a great book! :) Lovely pic and hope you're having fun with the people staying with you!

    1. We are having tons of fun. :) I took love the book of James. :)

  3. James is my favorite book... I hadn't heard about this Beth Moore study.
    Enjoy your company and keep cool in heat wave!

    1. James is my favorite book as well. I am actually trying to memorize it. I have the first chapter down... 4 more to go. :)

      It actually rained yesterday night and is currently raining tonight. :) :)


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