Thursday, February 23, 2012


So sometime last summer, I planted these pepper plants... I am amazed that they survived here in AZ. I am also so excited about this because both of my two pepper plants now have a pepper on them.
 Here are some pictures of my pepper plants: you can easily see the growth. :)
Baby pepper plant

Pepper plants right after I transplanted them for the first time

Growing now with peppers
Pepper :)

I recently just planted some seeds... So far no growth but it hasn't even been a week. LOL! It takes a little while for plants to grow... Anyway... So I have planted: onions, tomatoes, cucumber, romaine lettuce and various flowers (soon I am going to plant a potato; I am waiting on it to sprout a lil first.) I am going to have my own potted veggie garden. I cant wait to be able to eat a salad all made from plants I grew myself! This will definitely save on the money we spend on produce...
Baby plants... No growth yet. :)

 I am debating about making something like this for inside my house... This will save the plants from the AZ heat and allow for me to have them indoors but at the same time it will take up a lot of room.. and will remind me to water them LOL! Plus I need some space to plant my seedlings. 
This is the one I want Mikel to build.
This planter would be great for outside!!!
Anyway, there is a short update on whats going on in my life..


  1. Gardening can be relaxing... I wish I had the patience for it. Seeing the fruit and flowers growing is an awesome reward for the time you put into it :)

    1. I dont have a job, so I decided to save us some money on produce by growing my own veggies.. It does take patience... But there's deff an awesome reward for being patient like you said! :)


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