Friday, January 06, 2012

Stubborness, Perseverance and God

Why are some people so stubborn??? It just doesn't make sense to me... I am stubborn to a point, but if you really push me I give in... I know many people who are stubborn... They get upset because they can't figure something out so they refuse to continue in it and persevere... I know it can be hard to continue when everything seems like its gone wrong( I've been hurt by those whom I loved and whom I thought loved me, I also failed nursing school so I understand what its like to feel like a failure).

I guess to me its like some people give up too easily and then are stubborn and will not try at it again... Oh if only they would they would learn so much more....

Sometimes when things go wrong, its hard to see what God is doing and what His plan is because we are so focused on what's going wrong and trying to figure out what went wrong to mess up such and such plan.... Sometimes it is hard to look to God when we are stressed about a school assignment, class, life, family or when tragedy hits us....

The main thing to remember is no matter how horrible it is and how you feel is God's promises to those who love Him: 1. He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you! (Matthew 28:20b, Hebrews 13:5) 2. He works all things together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.(Romans 8:28) 3. He will give you the strength to make it through it. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

Perseverance is very important to God. Its what helps us to develop our faith and to mature in Christ (James 1:2-4). Don't forget, if you lack anything to ask God(James 1:5-7). God will supply all your needs. (Philippians 4:19) Needs do not mean all your wants, but he will take care of you! There is no need to worry! (Matthew 6:25-34) He's got it all under control!

Just give it to Him... Stop worrying and trying to control everything.... God is already in control of it all and will take care of everything... Remember the song " He's got the whole world in His hands"??? Well he does... He's bigger than everything. Just give it to him, stop being stubborn and well, persevere!!

Anyway, there is my blurb for the day... I wrote it using my phone so sorry for any typos, missed spellings etc. Hope you had a great Friday!

Ang :)

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  1. ah how I needed to read this. I'm afraid, I'm a stubborn one =/ especially when it comes to my relationship with God. Great post, Angela.

    I still have to get you that banana muffins recipe, don't I? I will soon -- I haven't forgotten. I will get it for you soon :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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