Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Pill

So I totally missed Wednesday Hodgepodge yesterday. I was like off in my own little world. We did not get our internet back on until around 4pm. (It had shut off randomly on Tuesday.) 

Here is something I keep twisting back and forth in my mind:

God created doctors and gives them the knowledge to create medicine including birth control pills.God is in control over everything! He is the one who causes me to become pregnant.

1. God controls whether I become pregnant so even if I am on the pill, he can cause me to have a baby. By being on the pill I am not controlling God because He is sovereign over EVERYTHING.

2. I could go off the pill and If God wanted me to become pregnant I would then too. Whether I was on the pill or not. However, God made women's bodies to have babies.

So, I just cant decide. I know by taking the pill I am doing nothing wrong according to scripture, but because He is the one who causes the pregnancy; I will become pregnant when it is His will whether I am on the pill or not right? (YES) So, then why be on the pill? 

What do you think???

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