Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ok, So while I have time I thought I would blog for a moment. My hubby just left to the store to go pick up food for me to cook. :)
Since writing the above my hubby has returned, I made dinner and a cake for church. 

This week I have been sick. I somehow got a really bad cold. I was in bed from Sunday till Thursday. It was horrible! I am so glad my hubby was here! He took great care of me! I am so thankful he was here!!!!
Due to me being sick all week, I did not go to field experience.


School has been a lil crazy these past two weeks. Its only going to be crazier till the semester ends. I should probably be working on homework!! So many final projects due. Guess what? I found out that for sure, I only have one more semester of actual classes (Technically two because I am taking one class in the summer, but its a 16week class stretched over the summer vs. my normal 5 classes per semester. To me, I only have on more semester. LOL!) and then my internship and I am DONE!!!! I graduate DEC 2012. :D I am sooo very happy about that!

Today I painted Cocoa's  nails. I don't participate in Halloween usually (More about that probably on Halloween), but this year I am handing out candy and tracts. I painted her nails and got her a lil costume that's nothing special to wear because all the neighborhood kids love her.

Midnight has discovered that he likes going outside. It scared me today when he went outside and disappeared. We found him on the other side of the building.. silly kitty!

I dont know if I posted this, but one of my guppies had babies last week. Only 5/7 survived. But then today another guppy had babies and we were able to save one of them from being ate. I am not sure how many she had... we just found the baby in the tank and placed it in the baby net.

So the last time I posted, I think I wrote about cooking for the church. I ended up making 1 large pan of lasagna, one large pan of baked ziti and one large pan of baked spaghetti, plus we made garlic bread, and two large salads. It turned out great! everyone was fed and everything went as planned. Nothing, went wrong which was surprising.

I finished reading the book burn by Ted Dekker. It was a really good book!!! I couldn't put it down. I lost much sleep over that book. LOL!

Its been very nice outside this week. Although I haven't been able to experience most of it due to being sick. I started feeling better Thursday night. We have had the windows open since Thursday night, today we have had the door open. The whole house smells like pumpkin because I have had pumpkin candles lit in every room in the house for hours. Its making me want to make some pumpkin bread.. I might sometime soon. LOL!

Anyway, Thats all I have time to write!
Happy Weekend everyone!!!!!!


  1. im glad you're feeling much better! and that your hubby took great care of you! :)
    glad to hear that the meal was successful :)

    lucky you! =D you get to graduate a semester earlier than me lol :) I hope Dec 2012 comes quick! :)


  2. LOL! Yea... But I started going to college in 2005 so its about time. I dual enrolled through high school. But then changed majors... Due to changing majors, I had a lot more classes to take.


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