Thursday, September 29, 2011

Field Expereince Week 4 and More......

 ~Field Experience~
 Field experience this week was great! I am not getting the hang of things and kind of know what I need to do each day. Tuesday I went to field experience after being up from 3am on. I actually felt more awake that day then I did today, which is weird. LOL! On Tuesday, one of my students got mad at me and kind of yelled at me. Her internet froze and well the only way to fix that is to restart the internet on the computer... well she didnt like the whole restarting thing. You see, each student has to get at least 15/20min on the computer and well that was messing with her time. Oh well. I cant really remember anything else interesting about Tuesday.... sorry!  Today, well it feels like yesterday, LOL! I helped many students with various things... I love working with children. One of the teachers asked me today if i really wanted to be a teacher. I said yes! She then went on to tell me that having a high self esteem is hard when you are a teacher, because the teacher is always doing something wrong... Her saying that made me feel bad for her. Yes, I want to be a teacher. Do I plan on teaching as a career, maybe... my idea of a career is being a stay at home mom, homeschooling my children. :D Can you tell I was home schooled??? My hubby and I both were.

For dinner we are having roast... This time without all the extra garlic. LOL! IDK if i wrote about it for yall to read, but on Monday when I made roast, I accidentally used the pour side of the minced garlic instead of the shake side... and well, there was a TON of garlic. I woke up Tue morning at 3am with a headache and heartburn from it. I had heartburn all day Tuesday because of all the garlic. :( Anyway, I am kind of hungry (its 7:13pm here) and well I can't wait till that roast is done LOL!

This is Mondays roast, although you cannot see form the picture, there is TON of garlic on it.

This week we had to give Cocoa and Midnight a bath because they both kind of smelled. LOL! They had worked together to get into the trashcan... Anyway, I thought I would post pictures. The first ones are of Cocoa watching Midnight get a bath right after she had her bath. Cocoa is kind of wet in the pictures. The others are of poor Midnight who hates taking a bath. Afterwards he reminds me of the kitties on TV that everyone wants to save... Well, he did come from the human society... But he doesn't usually look like a poor lost and abandoned ragamuffin kitty. He looks like that to me when hes wet. LOL! (the picture of the cat being hold by the fir on the back of his neck is where my husband is holding him. I tried to convince him not to do that... Oh well.)

So for fall decorations, I got these cute salt and pepper shakers... They are my only decorations besides candles. :)

Right now I feel like I am not a great wife. :(

The house is a mess.... I have just been so busy with field experience, working out and school... I keep on forgetting to wash my hubbys uniforms until the last minuet. :( Before school started I kept our home pretty clean now its a mess. I am not very good at communicating sometimes... :( I seem to be very good at doing things that bug my husband... But oh well. I will just have to work on doing those things less often. :(

Well, that's all folks!!!

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  1. People ask me that all the time: "do you REALLY want to teach?" I'm like: definitely. I know it's HARD work. But it's definitely rewarding, isn't it. I love reading about your field experience. I'll be doing mine next year.

    The Roast may have tons of garlic in it - but it looks yummy :)

    Awww your pets are adorable :)

    And I know your hubby understands even if he may get frustrated sometimes. Busyness sometimes gets the best of our intentions. I haven't washed dishes in who knows how long!

    Best of luck with the powerpoint!


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