Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tomorrow is the first day of fall.:D I am so happy that it is finally cooling down here in AZ. It has been so hot this summer!! This week its been cooler :) I changed my blog design because it is almost fall, so I figured it was time for a change  lol! I <3 Fall!

What is it about fall that makes me happy?
  • I can go outside and not dying within 5min of heat exhaustion (LOL! that one is just a joke)
  • Cooler weather
  • Changing color of leaves (although, I dont think they will change here in AZ IDK they might)
  • Thanksgiving Day is coming soon. :) I love thanksgiving! 
  • The fact that its almost winter and Christmas is almost here. :)
  • School is almost over for the semester. (only 13 more weeks I think).
What is it about fall that makes me sad?
  • Being so far away from all our family and friends.
  • Not having a big family (and friends) thanksgiving. :(
  • No Christmas with family. :(
Its really hard not to associate the fall season with being with my friends and family.
Last year for thanksgiving, we were all together my family and Mikel's family all had thanksgiving together at my in laws. It was so much fun! Mikel's cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents came.  Plus some friends. All of us in a small house. We went outside and played air soft. Mikel actually accidentally shot me in the butt with his gun.... We also played card games outside and most of the younger people ate outside. There was lots of turkey and pie and every good thanksgiving dish. :) Oh, how I wish we could do that all again this year (minus the getting shot in the butt part). But we are in AZ and our family and friends are all on the east cost. :(

Some pictures of thanksgiving day last year:
 Playing Spoons 
(it can become a dangerous game lol! especially if you use plastic forks. )
My Hubby Playing Air Soft 
(Before he was my hubby.)
 My baby brother (in red) and Mikel's cousin playing air soft.

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  1. Happy Fall! :)

    Air Soft looks like tons of fun! =D I'm glad you had that great time with your family last year. Hopefully this year you'll be able to make some really great memories with your husband, despite it not being with family and friends. *hugs*

    Here's to 13 more weeks of the semester left! *cheers!* =D


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