Monday, August 22, 2011

School Started... :(

Well, today officially, school started for me. One of my classes requires that I volunteer doing something teacher related.. yay me! Something else to do besides working in the classroom 10hrs a week, homework and anything i need to do. At least its only 10hrs. So hopefully that wont be too bad. One of my professors is not providing a course schedule. Which really bugs me. I mean how am I supposed to plan time to do homework for that class if I don't even know what the assignments are or when they are due? I don't mind if they don't tell me the instructions for the projects right now, I would just like to know if I have to write 5 papers in one week, that i have to do so... Is that too much to ask? This is the 2nd time I have had a teacher who doesn't believe in schedules. :(

Anyway, on a nicer note. Over the weekend I got the apartment clean. So that is very nice. :) At least my apartment is clean, even though my classes are a little confusing right now.

I think I finally have everything organized in my school notebook.

I print all the syllabuses and schedules and put them all in a notebook and also I print a calender of the semester and then take the schedules and put every assignment for every class on it. This way I can tell which weeks have more work in comparison to


 The last two semesters this worked great. :) So I plan on continuing it.

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