Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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I am getting used to school again. I think I might finally have everything set up and understand everything. Guess what? The teacher I was complaining about yesterday, who didn't have a schedule, well, she sent an email saying that a schedule would be posted tomorrow. YAY!! :-) I start field experience on Tuesday. I will be going to field experience every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 12 weeks. I am really excited about that! I will be working with a special ed teacher. I am going to write on here next Tuesday about my field experience, leaving out names of course.
In June I planted pepper plant seeds. This is what they look like now:

I now need to transplant them into a bigger pot. So I will be working on that soon. :-D I cant wait to have bell peppers that I grew on my own. :-) I also have planted potatoes... I am not sure how that is going. So far no green. :( But it takes a little while.

Midnight injured his leg or hip and is limping around the house. :-( He's pitiful! Cocoa is being her usual crazy self! She keeps on whining at the door because she likes to be outside, but it is 113 degrees out there. I only take her out when I have to.

Mikel's back isn't doing too good. They are doing electric shock therapy and he comes home in a lot of pain. The past few mornings he has woken up in a lot of pain. :-( Sunday we had to leave church early due to his back pain. He applies for the new job on 25th. :-) They have 6 weeks to tell us if he got it and if he did we were told we will probably be moving in 6 months.  Which could be a good thing or a bad thing... depending on where we move to. I am really hoping in the end we will be stationed in FL.

I am reading a chapter in proverbs everyday.
I just finished reading "Emmanuel's Veins" by Ted Dekker. I really liked the book! If i have time this semester I am going to read another Ted Dekker book called "Burn".

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