Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cooking :)

Tonight for dinner I made chicken and rice covered in Italian dressing, garlic cheddar biscuits and broccoli melody, lots of broccoli melody. It turned out pretty good I have a before and after picture of the chicken and rice. The only thing I would have changed is when I put the Italian dressing on the chicken. I think I should have waited till it was almost done then added it. Oh well too late now. LOL! It turned out really good anyway. Earlier this week, for the first time, I made chicken Parmesan. It came out really good as well. I will be adding pictures of that meal on here too. 

Before of the Chicken
After of Chicken
 Broccoli Melody

Garlic Cheddar Buiscuits

Garlic Cheddar Buiscuits
 Chicken Parmesan
 Spaghetti Noodles

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