Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Randomness About my Pets

 So last night we went and got two more fish for our fish tank (two had died and they were under warranty so we returned them for two more). We went to sleep and forgot they were in the bag floating in the fish tank.. luckily for us... they were still alive at 5am when I let them out of the bag into the fish tank. They are currently still alive and swimming. I hope our guppies make babies. We have a fish tank full of only live breeders and a algae eater. I hope we get some babies out of that tank! We shall see....

We gave Midnight a bath last night.. of course he hated it because he is a cat. Afterwards he reminded me of the cats in the commercials on TV for saving the pets. He looked all scraggly and like a raga muffin. Midnight is really funny when he takes his medicine... He licks his tongue a million times... I have started giving him kitty treats after he takes his medication he seems to like that. lol!!! He doesn't like it that we lock him out of our room at night.... but if i didn't he would eat my hair all night and play with it... We tried letting him sleep in bed with us... but he keeps waking us up all night... So now he gets locked out of the room. He meows for the first 15min that hes locked out... if we are talking then he continues to meow at the door until we are quiet for 15min. If we get up during the middle of the night then he comes and meows at the door again for 15min.  He is a very silly kitty!!!

Cocoa has pulled a lot of stuffing outside of the comforter we have.... it had a little hole in it so she pulled as much stuffing out as she could in the few minuets that she had... she also spread the stuffing across the living room so yay! now I have to pick that up...  Today I decided to not let her in the kitchen at all anymore. She so far is doing pretty good about not going in there.... :/ We shall see... So far she is not fully house trained... each time I think she is going to go a few days without going in the house she spoils it.. :/ the longest she has gone without going in the house is 4days... Hopefully she will be fully house trained before September... That is my goal... We shall see...

Thats all for now....

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