Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mrs. Esther

I got a call early this morning that was surprising. #1 it was around 4:30am my time so I was half asleep. Mrs. Esther died at 10:45pm EST last night. :( She had asked me for a picture of me in my wedding dress (She helped make getting the dress happen) I was going to mail her the picture today if I could get an address. Now, it is too late. She will never get to see that picture. But I know she loved Jesus and trusted in Him so she is now in heaven. I know her last few days were not so good, so she is in a better place now; with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I miss her though. I remember going over to her house and talking to her; she was always so funny. She loved Lil Shawn, she would play with him and give him a little bit of her coffee. Lil Shawn loved her! I know I will not be able to go to her funeral/memorial service, but I thought I could at least write a little about her here.


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