Monday, July 25, 2011

Mikel's Back

Today I got up and went to meet Mikel at his doctor to find out what is wrong with his back. His back has been hurting for the past week and this weekend it got worse. No pain meds help the pain to go away. :( Mikel has been in severe pain for the past 3days. :( The doctor said she thinks it is his muscles because he has scoliosis. The scoliosis causes muscles to be used differently and makes it easier for injury. :( So the Dr. ordered xrays and Mikel was xrayed and gave him pain patches hopefully he will begin to feel better. She also made sure his supervisor knows not to make him do too much and told me to let him rest when he is at home. Oh the doctor also told him that he needs to go to the physical therapist to help strengthen his back muscles so that they will not injure as easily. I am very worried about him because I can tell just by looking at him that he is in a lot of pain. Yesterday 90% of the day he spent laying on the couch/floor because that was the only way he could find relief from the pain. He spent very little time doing anything else. :( I am just hoping he gets better soon! I want my husband who is not injured back! I love him so much!!!! I wish I could just kiss him and make him all better!!!

Our kitten has a parasite so he is taking meds. He hates his medicine. He fought me and scratched me but he ended up taking it all. He is taking an oral medicine that I give to him via a syringe. It apparently does not taste good to the kitty. Cocoa is doing good and hasn't had any problems we are considering getting both pets microchipped just because of moving and going to new places we are afraid of them getting lost and that is one way that they can be returned to us.

On a good note, Mikel next month gets to apply for a new job. I hope he gets it. It will be doing something with computers. He really wants this job and kind of hates the one he has so it would be really nice if he got it. The only thing is that it will mean moving to wherever he is going to be trained and then once training is over moving again to wherever he is stationed. I am afraid we might have to move before this year is over... I just finally got everything put away and unpacked and now we may be moving in the next few months. :( We will be living on base if possible next time we move. That way we will have a backyard for Cocoa to play in and a house instead of an apartment. I just don't know where we will be moving to or what things are going to be like for me since I have to be in the classroom for 100hrs this semester... I am worried that we will get orders to move before then. If so, Mikel might have to move without me and then I will move as soon as I hit my hours. :/ But that's the life of a military wife. A wise person told me that plan A is only as good as plan B which is as good as plan C. You never know what may happen or where you will be going so you need to be ready for any and everything. :) I know that no matter what God is in control and that ALL things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. So everything with be ok, because I have Jesus and He is in control of everything!!!!

Anyway, thats all for now folks!


  1. im sorry to hear about Mikel's back! I hope it gets better soon!!! I hate when my back hurts or my knees. I have bad knees... I like what you said at the end, very true...Just be ready for everything and go with the flow, right now its easy to move around when there is no kids...

  2. That's true..and It could be worse. it will only be harder with kids. LOL! I want a baby sooo bad.. but I want to finish school first. Anytime I say guess what to someone they say "your pregnant". I wish I could say yes... :/

  3. awww yeah I think a lot of people once they get married they think of its time for baby but honestly as much as I love and adore my kids we had them very fast and I wish I could have enjoyed us as a couple for a while first before rushing into that because u can never take that back....I think its great to travel and do things together and enjoy the two of u before u bring a baby who needs your all into it.


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